Monday, 11 November 2013

Marine Traffic

From: Broughton, Tim 
Sent: 08 November 2013 11:28
Cc: Lucy Howkins; Sophie Dollar; Chris Turner
Subject: FAO Demitris Lekkas, founder of Marine Traffic

Dear Demitris

Firstly on behalf of my small gaggle of green (new, not envious) but enthusiastic shipspotters, I would like to say:

·         Bravo
o   You have founded and produced an application which is the shining definition of awesomeness
o   Your latest updates are remarkable, exquisite (and I’m delighted your added functionality has allowed you to monetise the service (CHA-CHIING!))
o   I hope you are taking a moment to stand back from the project to admire your legacy. You should take the team out (there must be a team, right? Surely you didn’t create this with your bare hands?) for a curry or something.
·         Thank you
o   Our band of merry ship-spotters have been in this game for just 3 months or so. In this time we have cultivated a fanaticism towards our ships which borders on a blissful psychosis.
o   You’ve made this possible Demitris, and for that, we thank you.

Us and our ships

o   Lucy is the proud flag bearer for (the mighty) Dignity Ace (31102900). She is blue and retains a remarkable grace and charm despite her considerable size (Dignity Ace, not Lucy).

o   Sophie stalks the good ship Nightwing (309928000). Nightwing is black and a stealthy and prone to mysterious periods ‘out of range’ – blatantly smuggling contraband.

o   Myself? I have an emotional attachment with the green and sublime Faust (266260000), which is possibly preventing me from getting a girlfriend. They just don’t seem to get that Faust comes first.

o   Chris completes our jolly crew. Bravery Ace (357961000) is also blue and renowned for getting about a bit. In Chris’ first fortnight of Bravery Ace tracking, she docked right next to Faust just outside Baltimore. The memory of which still makes me a little ‘heady’.

On seeing your recent newsletter, Chris has contributed the following endorsement:
“With this news, MarineTraffic looks set to retain its place as my favourite vessel tracking service.”
You are welcome to use this quote on the site and app, but he does insist on being named Chris Bravery-Ace-will-own-you-bitchas Turner

Finally, and this is a first for the whole group, I like to announce that I took the liberty of making a flag for our fleet. It comprises of the colour of our ships, and our initials. I hope you all like it:

Right, I think on that celebratory note (plus I’m welling up with pride and haven’t done any work yet today) I’d better leave you.

Thanks for all your hard work, and if you’re ever in London, don’t you dare not look us up.

All aboard!


From: Broughton, Tim
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 4:30 PM
Cc: Lucy Howkins; Sophie Dollar; Chris Turner
Subject: RE: FAO Demitris Lekkas, founder of Marine Traffic

Are you there, Demitris?

From: Dimitris Lekkas
Sent: 13 November 2013 14:35
To: Broughton, Tim
Cc: Lucy Howkins; Sophie Dollar; Chris Turner
Subject: RE: FAO Demitris Lekkas, founder of Marine Traffic

Hello Tim,

I am still here, although a little overwhelmed by the ongoing tasks to make the new web site fully operational.
Thank you very much for your kind words. We share the same ‘illness’ called ship psychosis. Enthusiasts like you inspire me and my team (finally, there is a team) to work day and night on marinetraffic!

Since we have not a forum/blog integrated with marinetraffic yet, we will use your quote (and your flag, if you allow us) on our facebook page.

Have a nice evening


From: Broughton, Tim
Sent: 13 November 2013 15:09
To: 'Dimitris Lekkas'
Cc: Lucy Howkins; Sophie Dollar; Chris Turner
Subject: RE: FAO Demitris Lekkas, founder of Marine Traffic

Hi Demitris

I’m sure it must be a hectic time but as they say on the high seas:

“There’s ne’er busier man than he with a vessel full o’ crew and a belly full o’ rum!”

Of course we’d be delighted for you to use Chris’ quote and the flag on the MT Facebook page. Fill your wellies! (as they also say)

Just one final very quick question, before I promise to leave you be. Do you have a favourite ship? I’d love to add it to my fleet.

Anchor’s aweigh!


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