Saturday, 28 September 2013


>Asheesh Pant has entered the chat
>You wrote: I need to make a bank transfer please
>Asheesh Pant: Welcome to Barclays webchat services. I will be glad to assist you with the relevant information
>Asheesh Pant: Good afternoon, Tim. May I ask you a few questions to guide you through the entire procedure?
>You wrote: you may
>Asheesh Pant: Thank you for your consent. May i know, are you planning to transfer funds within your own accounts at Barclays?
>You wrote: Nope. To this person. J Smith, xx-xx-xx, xxxxxxxx
>Asheesh Pant: Thank you for confirming this. I would request you not to share any personal information during this chat for security reasons
>Asheesh Pant: Tim, you can process this transaction online (if you login using pin sentry), over the phone (if you are registered for telephone banking) or at the branch.
>You wrote: I can't use pin sentry as my phone app doesn't work since I updated to ios7, i'm not registered for telephone banking and the branch is shut.
>You wrote: Hello?
>You wrote: ?
>You wrote: ?
>Asheesh Pant: I am sorry for the delay. I was experiencing some problem with the system.
>You wrote: ahh, the system
>Asheesh Pant: May I know are you registered for online banking?
>You wrote: yes
>You wrote: but i don't have the internet
>You wrote: and I don't have a pin sentry
>You wrote: it broke
>You wrote: the dog ate it
>You wrote: :(
>Asheesh Pant: Oh! I see. May I know, have you made payment to this beneficiary in the past?
>You wrote: Nope
>You wrote: Mr Pant?
>You wrote: Mr Pannnt?
>You wrote: hello?
>Asheesh Pant: I realise how important it must be for you to process this payment. unfortunately it could have been processed online, over the phone or at a branch, which is not a viable option for you right now. Could you confirm the name of your branch nearest to your place?
>You wrote: ummm, dalston, london?
>Asheesh Pant: I can check the branches in your vicinity where these payments can be processed.
>You wrote: I don't know where the branch is
>You wrote: and i have a bad leg
>You wrote: if you make the payment for me (on the sly) i won't tell anyone
>You wrote: it will be our secret
>Asheesh Pant: Tim, I would have gladly done it for you if I would have had the access to your account details and the provision to process this payment.
>Asheesh Pant: I do not have access to your account information due to security reasons to process the payment at my end.
>You wrote: what are we going to do?
>Asheesh Pant: Tim, I can assist you with the contact details of all the branches in your vicinity. This will help you decide the most convenient option.
>You wrote: OK then. I hope they won't mind me being a frightful bother on a Saturday.
>Asheesh Pant: Tim, we value your association with us. The branch representative will be happy to assist you.
>Asheesh Pant: The nearest branch I could find was at Hackney. Will that be fine with you.
>You wrote: yes. please let me have the details of the representative who represents the Hackney branch.
>You wrote: my poor leg!
>You wrote: I'll NEVER forgive that dog for eating my pin sentry
>You wrote: what a fuss this all is
>Asheesh Pant: I can understand how cumbersome it must be for you to visit a branch in the condition that you are in. I wish you a speedy recovery. The Hackney branch is open until 4pm today.
>You wrote: Thank you Asheesh. You're a fine fellow
>Asheesh Pant: I wish I could have processed this payment for you.
>Asheesh Pant: The name of the cashier is S**** B**** and the address of the branch is
>Asheesh Pant: 298 Mare Street
E8 1HF
United Kingdom
>Asheesh Pant: I would suggest you order a pin sentry as well. It is available free of charge for Barclays customers at this branch.
>You wrote: oh that's a good idea. will keep this one well away from that naughty dog
>Asheesh Pant: Thank you for being generous and considerate with your observation about me.
>You wrote: honestly, you don't see me trying to log in to barclays online with his bone, so I don't see why he should chew my pin sentry
>Asheesh Pant: I hope the dog will realise his folly the next time.
>You wrote: well it's his loss, since it was his account I was trying to transfer all this money to.
>You wrote: Right, I'd better be going. I've got water aerobics in half an hour.
>Asheesh Pant: It was a pleasure chatting with you.
>Asheesh Pant: I wish you a pleasant day ahead and a great weekend.
>You wrote: you too, Ashesh. Toodle pip!
>Asheesh Pant: Thank you.
>Asheesh Pant: Take care.
>You wrote: Bye!

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